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Before giving a long background context, I am going to jump right into this point of this article by starting with the following question…

Why should I apologize for my “white privilege”?

As a white South African living in exile, let me share with you what supposed “white privilege” has meant for me…

White Privilege has meant growing up in a country where we are hated and constantly blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world.



Article by Mel Ve | The unifying power behind First Alliance News, being the contributors who are able to facilitate this narrative space, was the love of culture, and the preservation thereof in a world where a Globalist identity is usurping our formative experiences with totalitarian measures designed to socially engineer us into a unified, obedient Globalist cult.

Some would argue, that to hang on to past nostalgia, may limit progress, but it is in the preservation and thus memory of who we are and where we have come from, that provides the psychological soil upon which to build the direction of the future, and what direction will that be?  One rooted in devastation and destruction?  Or perhaps we can do better, if we know better.

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Article by Mel Ve | One of the causes that First Alliance News is greatly supportive of, is the recognition of the First Nations and protection of their cultural heritage, in accordance with their own specific cultural traditions.

My book The Greatest Discovery

It is with great honour that I have recently been appointed as the International Advisor to the Greater Aboriginal Community Council of South Africa (GACCSA), having previously served as the International Media Advisor to the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.  My role is to offer council with regards to how the world really works on an international level, to a collective of natives of the land striving for independence.


My documentary Secrets of the Kalahari

The Khoisan are a tribe within the greater Aboriginal community of Southern Africa, a group of people which have been well chronicled in my various bodies of such as my book THE GREATEST DISCOVERY and my documentary film SECRETS OF THE KALAHARI. 


ETHNOGENESIS | An academic study by Mel Ve

Since the dawn of our species, humanity has been seeking the truth about our origins. The pursuit of the truth about our past became an all-consuming obsession for me, but I could never have imagined just what I would find, as it is so totally different from the false facts we are fed by mainstream education and media. 

And thus began my exploration into humanity’s origins, with the aim of understanding the formation of social and cultural groups, from an anthropological perspective.  Relevant sciences do not only observe cultural phenomenon, for indeed, the purpose of authentic and accurate scientific study would be to seek out its cause of said cultural phenomenon, from the perspective of Ethnogenesis.

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OSTEOPATH & ETHICIST – Interview with Maria Clarke DO MA

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Maria Clarke DO(Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) MA, Osteopath & Ethicist.  This candid discussion about Osteopathy and ancient medical practices, puts into context the Modern Industrial Medical industry, as well as the value of ancient medicines, which are so often these days relegated to the realms of semi-dismissive witchery.

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12 Complementary Health Remedies on a Shoestring Budget

by Mel Ve |

Having run the gauntlet of toxic medicines and vaccinations, and having suffered vaccine injury resulting in complete loss of hearing in my right ear, I am passionate about promoting the usage of complementary remedies.  I use and make many of these remedies for myself, and have distributed them amongst those who are savvy enough to heal themselves, rather than succumbing to the cut, burn and poison industry, which is exactly what mainstream medicine is.  Ask yourself this question: How does it benefit doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to have a healthy population?  The answer, if you are honest about it, is that it does not benefit them at all. Doctors and Big Pharma are in business with disease.  Their aim is not to heal you.  Their aim is to profit from you.

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Alternative Education And World Schooling


It has been programmed into the people, that getting a good education, is the way to get a good job. Nobody wants to end up hungry or homeless, and thus, we put complete faith in an education system as the way and route towards survival.  Although I agree that education is crucial, the so-called “education system” we currently have can hardly be called “education”, it is more like indoctrination.

The education system as it stands is trying to meet the future by doing what was done in the past, as it is modelLed on the image and interests of the Industrial Revolution, hence why it was the birth of the Industrial Era that facilitated the need for a public school system. Prior to this, education was the privilege of the clergy and elite.  An example of how schooling is rooted in the rise of the industrial era, is evident in how schools are organiSed similar to factory lines, complete with ringing bells, separate facilities, specialiSed into separate subjects.  Children are educated by batches, as we put them through the system by age group, much like a batch number and expiry date marks the age of a product.  Why is there this assumption that the most important thing kids have in common is how old they are?  It is like the most important thing about them is their date of manufacture.  If we are interested in creating a model of education that will create a better world, we should not be starting from the “production line” mentality.  Our current education is about creating conformity. Every single being is unique and endowed with infinite potential, so are we not deserving of something better?

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An ethical treaty between 2 nations. TWO ROW WAMPUM

article by Mel Ve |

Cultural collision has become a subject of fascination for me, as an avid evolving New Anthropology student, where the answers to the questions of “who we are?” and “how did we get here?”, emerge like shadowy figures from the long lost memory of humanity.  Having taken the time to learn about many different iterations of humanity, different cultures and their traditions, I have always been fascinated by the concept of the TWO ROW WAMPUM, which is discussed at great length in my documentary film, LAST OF THE BOERS.

When we look at our world today, with all the craziness that is going on, and all the deliberately output, agenda driven manipulation, it is often confusing to assimilate a balanced perspective on how to move forward.  Indeed, how Do we protect our cultural heritage, whilst still being part of the process of globalisation?

How do we move forward in a way that is beneficial for all people?

And how do we manage respect for each other’s cultures, differences and hereditary traditions?

In order to go forward, we need to look back at some of the amazing bridges in culture that have been built in the past.  It is almost impossible to believe in a time when race was not turning on race, brother turning on brother, but indeed, there have been past peoples who got the mutual respect for each other’s cultures right, and symbolised it forever in the form of the TWO ROW WAMPUM TREATY.

The TWO ROW WAMPUM treaty is a reference to a one of the oldest treaty relationships between the Natives and European immigrants, specifically the Dutch.  The treaty was made in 1613.  It is also known as the Tawagonshi Treaty, and it was made by the representatives of the Five Nations of the Haudenosaunee / Iroquois, and representatives of the Dutch government.  This agreement took place in what is now upstate New York.

The TWO ROW WAMPUM treaty can best be described by the symbolic token, being the Wampum belt, which is made from TWO ROWS of purple beads, against a background of white beads.  The TWO ROWS of purple beads are each representative of the Iroquios and the Dutch, who were sailing down the river of life together, equally, side by side, one not seeking to dominate the other, rather equal in all aspect, respecting each other’s culture, whilst also acting as good neighbours do, offering assistance to each other for the benefit of the greater good.

The concept of peace based on freedom, respect, tolerance and co-operation is so simple, and so inherent in our nature, that it has taken a great machination of our corrupt society, to get to the point we are at now, where we are so manipulated into destructive behaviours.  Our biological imperative demands that we live in harmony with our surroundings.  That is the true, deepest instinct, ever present, beneath all the social conditioning.  So are we not capable of something better?

In a time where we are actively implanted with prejudices, with the intention of causing conflict, we can take a lesson from the people of the past, existed at a time were there was no media, no Facebook, nothing to shape their social outlook and resulting world view, except for their religious ideology and cultural traditions.  The TWO ROW WAMPUM TREATY, is for me, an example of a simple act of cultural respect, which has become inextricably linked with the notion of a peaceful path for contrasting cultures, wishing to live in complete respect for each other, one not seeking to dominate the other.

Like many peace treaties of the past, made between colonisers and natives of the land, the TWO ROW WAMPUM TREATY was breached, resulting in the death of millions of natives of the Americas.  However there have been campaigns going for years now, to re-instate the TWO ROW WAMPUM TREATY.  But it has largely been forgotten.

The collision of culture is one of the greatest paradoxes of our time.  All across the ages, even in ancient history, people set forth to seek, to find, to conquer, to move, relocate, and even to escape, often do so due to circumstances beyond their control, such as war, natural or man-made disasters (earthquake, tsunami, drought, flood, famine, radiation), even socio-economic reasons.  Those who have had to leave their cultural home land, have always had to deal with the clash of cultures, whilst attempting to navigate the new landscape in a way that ensured maximum chance of  survival.  Those cultures who have had to receive travellers from a far away land, have long since suffered the risk of cultural genocide by an invading, dominant culture.

Somewhere in between, there needs to be the middle ground upon which we all can live in complete harmony, whilst still preserving our own specific cultural heritage, and respecting the differing cultural heritage of others.  The idea iconised in the TWO ROW WAMPUM has more relevance in our present time, than at any other time in recent history.