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Before giving a long background context, I am going to jump right into this point of this article by starting with the following question…

Why should I apologize for my “white privilege”?

As a white South African living in exile, let me share with you what supposed “white privilege” has meant for me…

White Privilege has meant growing up in a country where we are hated and constantly blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world.

White Privilege has meant that I as a “white person”, was not able to get a job in my chosen vocation because of the counter culture movement to “white privilege” being Black Economic Empowerment.

White Privilege has meant having to leave my home country and seek out a career abroad, away from 23 years of family and friends that I love, and still to this day, miss dearly, and returning is not an option, because the politics driven economy, does not favour my “white privilege”.

White Privilege has meant having to live in exile for over 20 years, in several different countries, trying to find the culture to which I most can assimilate, whilst finding nothing of my unique African heritage in any of them, living the many years of my young adult and middle age life, away from my childhood friends, some still my dearest friends, and my family, Mom, Dad, baby Brother… well maybe not so much of a baby anymore, as he is the Captain of the South African Water Polo team… but I have never seen him play a single match.  I did not get to go to his 21st birthday party, I did not get to see him graduate.  My “White Privilege” means that I have missed out on all that.

My White Privilege means that I have had to live through the tragic murders of friends, family, community members, all because of the colour of their skin, and their supposed “white privilege”.

I have watched, chronicled, broadcasted and communicated loud and clear, the apparent genocide of white people that seems to be going on around the world, not just in my home country of South Africa.

Receipt from ICC of genocide paperwork being filed.

White people are so privileged, that our entire race is being globally targeted for systematic genocide.  As a media representative of Independence Commission Africa, I personally delivered a case document to be filed at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which contained all the evidence up until that date (plenty more has come to light since) about the genocide of white farmers / Boers in South Africa.  Oh yes, my white privilege has meant having to personally deliver documentation of the systematic murder of my people, to one of the highest courts in the world, and live in exile for my efforts.

Shoo weee, I sure am privileged.

There are so many points to touch on here, but I do not want to get carried away.  Based on the few points I have highlighted, based on my own very real and personal experience, I want to focus on the pertinent question of, where is the “privilege” in being white?

And why should I apologise for something that I had no hand in creating?

This is just the way I was born.

Why should I feel guilty for the lack of melanin (skin pigment) under my epidermal cells?

Furthermore, I tan a lovely shade of brown in the Algarvian sun, the land to which I am now exiled.  I would hardly call myself “white”.

Being a “white” South African who has written much on the artificially induced, socially engineered racial dichotomy that exists in South Africa, and indeed the rest of the world, you can bet I have a few things to say of late with regards to what has unfolded in the wake of the George Floyd incident, the violent riots, and the racially motivated conflict that has spread faster than the Covid 19 “plandemic”.

I do feel it is important to prefix the following by saying that I am in no way a racist, but I am not a white apologist either.  I will not apologise to people just because they are black.  I am deeply empathetic for anybody that has suffered at the hands of another person, no matter what race / colour they are.  But to blame white people completely for the slave trade, is a limited perspective, as it only focuses on the Atlantic Ocean slave trade.  Many white people were sold as slaves in the Indian Ocean slave trade, particularly to the Arab nations, ancient Rome and the Ottoman Empire.

The recent demonstrations posted on line, of white people “taking the knee” to apologise to black people, has only reignited that same old feeling that people are being manipulated and mentally messed with, all with the eventual aim of propping up a “problem, reaction, solution” narrative.

In case you do not get the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” narrative, the riots are the Reaction to an artificially manipulated Problem, being racism, which will result in the predetermined Solution, totalitarian control through the implementation of Marshall Law.

I grew up in the post Apartheid years of the 90’s, where white people were taught acceptance and tolerance for the black folk of the land.  I was there when the first black kids were let into our all white high school.  I accepted them.  I always tried to include them and make them feel as comfortable as possible in an environment where they were clearly very different to everybody else.  I embraced the concept of equality with an open heart.

Like most South Africans of that time, be they black or white,  I was imbued with a conscious awareness of how white people had treated the blacks so badly, but we were part of the generation that was putting that right.  I was a product of the Nelson Mandela Rainbow Nation, raised to be socially colour blind, and accepting and tolerant of people’s differences and cultures.  To this day, I have many friends of different colours, of different races, of mixed race, of different religions, from different backgrounds.   I have been lucky enough to travel, meet people, draw fans, supporters, collaborators and friends, from all parts of the world, and all of them are valuable in the  knowledge they contribute to my awareness.

But sadly, my travels has also taught me that my supposed “white privilege”, has meant that the majority of people automatically assume I am a racist just because I am a white South African.  A good example of a socially manipulated stereotype of misperception.

Now I am not going to defend such ridiculous hereditary prejudices, rather I shall demonstrate by virtue of my works, just how untrue that is:

I have a large following amongst my fellow black South Africans, who follow my work, and who have been a great resource and research base for myself into African folklore and mythology, which form part of my anthropological teachings such as my Dragonology body of work.

My interview with Dr. Credo Mutwa on Conscious Consumer Network

I have had the opportunity to work with some of Africa’s greatest teachers such as the late Dr Credo Mutwa, a high ranking Sanusi Sangoma (tradional Zulu shamanic healer) who was the official keeper of the true story of Africa, until his passing on 25 March 2020.  I own an original first edition copy of his book  Indaba My Children, published in the 1960’s.  This is one of my most prized possessions.

I have published historical works about pre-colonial Africa in the form of my book THE GREATEST DISCOVERY and my documentary, SECRETS OF THE KALAHARI.

Mandate of Royal Appointment

I have championed the cause of the secession of the Khoisan territory of the Cape, since my appointment by royal mandate as International Media Advisor to the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation on 4 October 2017.

I now serve as International Advisor to the Greater Aboriginal Community Council of South Africa.


I also support the Boer claim unto Nationhood.

The Boers are the first white tribe of South Africa, and they are the people that I am descended from.  The Boers have a long and impressive history, which I have chronicled in my documentary film LAST OF THE BOERS.  They are a distinctive cultural group, with their own language and unique adaptation to the African landscape, and they do not identify with their European ancestry.  They are by all accounts, an authentic white African tribe.  Many of the Boers were descended from the Huguenots, who were Protestant Calvinists that had fled from their homes in Europe, as they were escaping prosecution by the Vatican’s Holy Inquisition!

These are facts not taught to South African children in schools.

I have had the great opportunity of learning the truth about Africa’s lost history, much of which I have chronicled in my books such as THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.  With the fullest context of our revised history continually taking shape in my understanding, I have come to realise very clearly that much of our official history is a lie, and is nothing more than propaganda we are indoctrinated with through education, in order to shape our beliefs, out outlooks, our attitudes, which are indeed socially engineered with the intention of manipulating us towards the fulfilment of a particular agenda, largely beyond the grasping of most people.  Our opinions are shaped by an external narrative foisted upon us by the controlling principals of the dominant culture.

Expecting a blanket apology, just because I am white and you are black, well I am sorry to say, I do not know what I am apologising for.  Furthermore, why should I apologise for stuff that other people did.  I was not involved in your enslavement and the creation of your suffering?  In fact, I have suffered too.  Why should I be responsible for the actions of people I have never met, who lived before my time?  In what way am I to blame for anything that people of the past did, before I was even born?  Why should I apologise for the mistakes of others, irrespective of skin colour?

One of the most pernicious ways that the so-called “powers that be” have conquered us, is by dividing us, and nothing is more divisive than race.  Race hate is artificially fuelled subversively in our culture, and it is up to us to recognise it for what it is.  It is not okay just to hate someone because of the colour of their skin.

The key to gaining ground for the betterment of humanity in these turbulent times, starts from a place of tolerance and respect for each other, but also from a place of forgiveness.  We need to be able to forgive.  Yes, horrible things have been done to all of us, but blaming each other means we forget who the true enemy is… and that is of course the plan, to keep us distracted by fighting each other, and whist we are distracted, the “powers that be” are crafting their Dark Agenda.  In fact, the term “White Privilege” is a false ideology created  to cultivate victimhood amongst black people, with the specific intent of driving social manipulation and racial conflict.

As for whether or not I was at all privileged, be it on the basis of being white or not, I will be rather candid in my disclosure of the fact that my parents were wealthy merchant class.  They both came from modest backgrounds.  Nobody ever gave them anything.  They worked hard for everything they had, and yes, they did very well.  We had a great lifestyle growing up in South Africa thanks to the hard work of my parents.  So let me just be honest and say yes, I was privileged in that sense, because I am well aware that there are a great many more less privileged people, in fact, some very poor people, living in deplorable conditions.  Driving through squatter camps and shanty towns of South Africa, always left me feeling very sad that so many had it so rough… but that is not only true for black people.  In South Africa, the white squatter camp community is over a million people.  And here is the real kicker… due to Black Economic Empowerment laws in South Africa, poor white people do not qualify for social welfare or government food aid.  Government help is reserved for black people, so indeed, no white privilege there.

It is in these times of humanitarian crisis such as the one on the back of the Covid 19 economic shutdown, that we have seen people of all races coming together to help each other.  Private organisations, independent of the government which have utterly failed the people, have sprung up in response to the humanitarian crisis.  Once such organisation is called Ubuntu Army, run by a friend of mine Clint McLean from my home town of Umhlanga Rocks.  Great to see private initiatives are up and running and endeavouring to get food all over my provincial community in South Africa.

And so I would like to close on this, if “privilege” means anything, let it mean that those who are privileged, damn well earn their privilege.  That applies to people of all races, in all places.  We simply cannot afford as a collective species, to take anything for granted anymore, as we teeter on the fragile precipice of total collapse.  If we have indeed been privileged enough to receive a good education, to be able to travel and learn, and see the bigger context of the world, if we have indeed enjoyed all this privilege, then let us use it to create a better world.

Times are hard, but as a great teacher once said to me, it is when overcoming adversity, that we are given the chance to shine.

Who will you be through all of this.

So before you go off race hating and condemning people to death based on colour and other superficial differences, please try to remember, It does not matter who you are or where you come from… ALL LIVES MATTER!  We are all foreigners somewhere. We need to move past the separatist identification that keeps us in continual conflict.  Focus needs to be directed on that which is more than skin deep, for in all of us, there is love.  In all of us, there is the common desire for a free, fair, just, sustainable, peaceful, non-toxic world.  Ultimately, we all want the same thing, and that is the true beauty of humanity, that ultimately, we all want the same things…

And that is the common ground on which we can unite.

It is up to us to heal the perceptions of a mis-programmed mass populace, not by being hostile based on differences, but based on tolerance and compassion for each others differences, weaknesses, our faux pars, our perceived shortcomings.  Now is the time to come together as a united species of planet Earth, in complete respect of each other’s cultures, but also in complete unity with our common purpose, that of humanitarianism.

Peace Love Unity Respect