Article by Mel Ve | One of the causes that First Alliance News is greatly supportive of, is the recognition of the First Nations and protection of their cultural heritage, in accordance with their own specific cultural traditions.

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It is with great honour that I have recently been appointed as the International Advisor to the Greater Aboriginal Community Council of South Africa (GACCSA), having previously served as the International Media Advisor to the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.  My role is to offer council with regards to how the world really works on an international level, to a collective of natives of the land striving for independence.


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The Khoisan are a tribe within the greater Aboriginal community of Southern Africa, a group of people which have been well chronicled in my various bodies of such as my book THE GREATEST DISCOVERY and my documentary film SECRETS OF THE KALAHARI. 

On 24 September 2017, the territory known as the Cape, was ceded from the Republic of South Africa, by Calvin Cornelius III, a hereditary tribal elder and leader of the Khoisan Nation, during a ceremony that was held outside the Castle in Cape Town, South Africa.  During this process, this territory was renamed under the title of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and a treaty was signed with a promise of peace and protection was offered to residents of the Cape, irrespective of race.  My live broadcast TV network, Conscious Consumer Network, had the great honour of being the only network to be able to live broadcast this historic event.

Painting by Charles Bell depicting Jan van Riebeeck arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 and meeting the Khoisan, who were already there

Following the secession ceremony, Calvin Cornelius III, along with a small delegation, attended the United Nations in New York on 16 March 2018, in order to hand over official documentation to the United Nations Secretary General, informing them of the secession of the Khoisan Territory, from the Republic of South Africa.

Due to lack of experience and political savvy, things went sour around Calvin Cornelius’s efforts to bring about a secession, for various reasons largely of his own making, with many people within the Khoisan Nation turning on him and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.  That was not the end of the secession effort.  Undeterred,  the Greater Aboriginal Community Council of South Africa have taken up this secession effort and will be informing United Nations of their intention to secede the Cape from the Republic of South Africa.


We together give recognition and honour to our aboriginal Khoisan Forbears, from whom we decent, they who have heroically done all to defend our aboriginal interests.  They as a host nation were unarmed, hospitable and unsuspecting when their colonial guests secretly, and well-armed, surprised them over time with unpronounced invasions, was, dispossessions and victimisations, that would last for centuries till now, even after the election (in 1994) of so called free democratically elected governments.

Khoisan in their traditional dress and activities

Yes we mourn and herewith proclaim correction to the brutal colonial invasion and cultural genocide programs that wiped large communities, displaced our identities, peoples and histories, and robbed our lands, territories, water, arial spaces, related minerals and resources, and subjugated our people like slaves, with no regard for our human dignity, indigenous laws, customary laws, and indigenous rights, freedoms and titles, and made us to live like exiles on our own ancestral land.


  • We the Khoisan Nation and its peoples are African in particular
  • We are the Aboriginals of Southern Africa
  • We are the first Southern Africans


Secession of the Khoisan territories was conducted In accordance with United Nations Resolution 60/251 PP 19 articles 1 – 16.  Despite their actions being conducted in accordance with International Law, and with the support of various foreign embassies, there has to date been no support and no response from the United Nations with regards to the secession process.

GACCSA hereby notifies the rest of the world, of its move in favour of self-determination, so that the First Nation of Southern Africa, might by virtue of their rights in accordance with International Law, freely determine their political status, and freely pursue economic, social and cultural development in accordance with their own specific cultural heritage.  This notice is issued as a courtesy, and with the request that the Aboriginal people of Southern Africa, be left in peace, without incursion from foreign interests, and with complete respect for their rights to autonomy.

Please check out the United Nations documentation which facilitates the process of secession for Native / First Nation / Aboriginal communities in accordance with International Law –  UNDRIP


We shall not be holding our breath waiting for a reply from the United Nations, as they will most likely ignore this secession notice, much as they have ignored the Calvin Cornelius III, despite his visit in person to the United Nations in New York.

However the time has never been more prudent for South Africans, to do something to escape the tyranny being imposed upon them.   The GACCSA have their action plans drawn up, and they are ready to proceed, whilst the rest of the world watches in eager anticipation of how they will pull this off.  The leadership of the GACCSA have assured me that they have all their parties in place to pull of this secession, including military enforcement.  The successful secession of the Cape will provide a safety zone within South Africa, a country presently at the mercy of the murderous and corrupt African National Congress ruling Community Socialist Puppet Government who is at the mercy of the Globalist Agenda*.

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My book The South African Guide to the Global Conspiracy


There have been many groups calling for secession following the initial bid by the Khoisan Nation, however none have a claim to the land that is more legitimate than the Khoisan Nation, having being the Aboriginals, the First Nation, the first documented people’s to be chronicled living in the Cape upon the arrival of the Dutch East India Company on 6 April 1652.  There was talk of the Boers / Afrikaners, wanting to secede the former Boer Nations of the Orange Free State and Transvaal, as well as the secession of the Zulu Kingdom and their territory being Kwa-Zulu Natal, the province in South Africa where I grew up.



With recent global shutdown due to an allege pandemic, which in reality has only seen as many deaths as a regular flu season, people around the world are growing bitter and desperate.  Many are starving and struggling to survive.  Many are considering the options with regards to breaking free from the draconian, illogical rules which drastically encroach on our human rights.  We have seen the economy brought to its knees, and then people brought out into the streets in angry protest.  One thing is for sure, it is time for a change.  We all know it.  The only question remains for many, is how will we do this?



Over the years, we have witnessed a number of examples of groups calling for independence of territories belonging to specific cultural groups, such as the Basque, which are an European ethnic group which can be traced back to pre Roman settlement.  The Basque have a common Basque language, which is does not originate with Latin, like all other European language.  The Basque Country region is located around the western end of the Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay , and straddles parts of northern Spain and south-western France.  There have been several attacks carried out by Basque Separatists, who wish to be free of control and domination of Spain and France, and wish to be recognised under their own specific cultural identity and status unto nationhood, whilst preserving their own specific traditions and heritage.



Catalonia is an autonomous community on the northeastern corner of Spain, designated as a nationality by its Statute of Autonomy.  Catalonia consists of four provinces, with the capital and largest city being Barcelona, the second-most populated municipality in Spain and the core of the first most populous urban area in the European Union.

The Catalan independence movement is a social and political movement which advocates for Catalan Nationalism, seeking independence from Spain.  The beginnings of popular separatism in Catalonia can be traced back to the mind-19th century, but has flared up again in recent times, as Catalans demand full independence of Catalonia from Spain.

Present day systematic meltdown, the kind we have experienced with the “plandemic” and world on lockdown, have reignited the interest in recent months, over the legal and lawful process of secession of territories belonging to natives of the land, seeking self-determination as part of  a recognised First Nation state.  The independence itch just won’t seem to go away as mankind witnesses day after day in the 2020’s, every inch of their freedom being systematically eroded.  The yearning for freedom, independence, self-determination, is the talk on everyone’s lips, as they hastily tire of the draconian control based upon a narrative that just does not make sense to the critical thinker.  Indeed, a move away from centralised control, or getting off the grid altogether, has seen a surge of interest from many people waking up to the Dark Agenda, and from where I am standing, that can only be a good thing.

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