Individual Tools

Ideas are clear: what are the actions?

We can introduce symbols and actions whereby people can arm themselves to accelerate reaching the common goal: the positive future. People can then use these tools throughout the day and increase their use of them according to personal circumstances. These tools will bring bright images of the future. People should live part of their day in the future they want to have, as if it is real and it will become more and more real.

Examples of actions and concepts for individuals

  1. Believe in a better future
    1. Believe the light will prevail. Believe that the darkness will end
    2. Believe family members will rejoin
    3. Believe neighbours will become friends
    4. Believe nations will become friends
  2. Spend minimal time with negativity, transform it. Do not give up to negative images, think in problem-solution terms.
  3. Be brave and deal with evil within you. Transform it, learn how it is anchored, root it out. Deflate evil images, decrease evil energies. Learn and use techniques to heal your thoughts, emotions and your body.
  4. Be brave and deal with evil around you. Educate people around you on unhealthy traits and behaviour, help them to revive.
  5. Acknowledge good things in you and others, give energy to good things. 
  6. Live part of your day in the new world, practising new behaviour for as little as 1 minute
  7. Treat yourself and others with love, and kindness
    1. Find a bit of time to treat yourself well
    2. Find a bit of time to be kind to a family member
    3. Find a bit of time to be kind to a neighbour
    4. Buy a coffee for a person behind you in the queue (it is called “pay it forward”)
  8. Say a positive thing instead of a negative thing, but be clever 🙂
    1. Instead of saying “We can’t understand each other” say “We can!”
    2. Instead of telling your kids “You can’t make it” tell them “You can!”
  9. Think a positive thought instead of negative
    1. Instead of thinking “We will never understand each other,” say to yourself, “We finally will” 
    2. Assume that people will accept and understand you instead of they won’t
    3. Instead of “I can not do that“- “I can”!
    4. Instead of “We can not make friends” – “we can”! 
    5. Instead of thinking that you can not ask a stranger on the street for a favour as I may be rejected -> think that you can! (because most people are good)
  10. Replace all negative images of the future with positive, so that your subconsciousness knows how destination looks like
  11. Create some ceremonies for a good day and a better world
    1. Create an ornament, another art or activity that represents unity of family, community, nation
    2. Create a dream board with boxes of a perfect you, business, activity, profession, hobby,  partner using text, symbols, images or painting
  12. Make friends, self-organise with like-minded people to do the right thing
  13. Learn to listen and to trust your intuition


Examples and concepts for people running businesses (employers)

  1. Do something according to your business for free for those who need it. Coupons can be used for this 
    1. free lunch if you operate a restaurant
    2. free haircut, etc
  2. Promote bonuses dependent on employee family circumstances (e.g. how many kids), connection to the indigenous population (if a person according to the nationality has no other home except this country)
  3. Think of creating schemes where workers participate in overall company profit
  4. Give more freedom for employees on how to do things
  5. Support people working towards the bright image of the future, the system works against them.
  6. Support new media channels


Examples and concepts for employees

  1. Improve communication with clients and employees – to be more fair and honest.


For government workers

19th century neoclassical statues of Socrates (Greek ancient philosopher)
  1. Withdraw your support from the evil initiatives as much as reasonable, don’t be enthusiastic to do harm
  2. Support good initiatives
  3. Shut down parasitic initiatives where possible
  4. Write new fair laws
  5. Support new media channels



For law enforcement, military staff, people in positions of power

  1. Execute justice. Do the right thing.
  2. Follow the spirit, think about people’s fate
  3. Unite to chase the evil away from government structures
  4. Reasonably withdraw your support from unfair practices. Think about the laws that oppress freedom and human rights. 


For artists – with the image of the bright future

Old open blank book with quill pen & ink well.
  1. Draw new pictures
  2. Write new songs
  3. Create new movies and cartoons for kids
  4. Do new stories, write new books
  5. Create new decor and architecture


For doctors and healers

  1. Learn and follow true health practices


For priests and spiritual teachers

  1. Focus on how to bring the positive future, encourage people
  2. Assist people to gain hope and support through the transformation of these times
  3. Propagate the new patterns of living in a happy world
  4. Build new media channels, transform existing media channels
  5. Unite people around true principles


This is just a basic list, anyone who feels the spirit of this vision can add more items to it.