Work Groups

This is a list of the work groups that we have in First Alliance which play a major role in bringing the new reality. Please take a look at which of these suits you best. You can become a member of several of these groups.

NOTE: If you are already a part of the existing active project you can partner with us by joining a Partnership Group.

Partnership Group – This group is for those who already have active projects helping other people or the environment and want to find volunteers, secure finance, or communicate with similar projects. In addition, this group’s goal is to establish relationships with organisations similar to ours in order to consolidate forces.


The Projects below are operated under First Alliance guidance.

Media Group – The group uses Internet and paper channels to promote First Alliance messages. One of the goals is to highlight conflict resolution practices within social groups and among individuals. The group promotes awareness of evil “divide and conquer” patterns, highlighting temptation traps and the lies that send people onto the dark path. To offer a solution and show how people and groups can make peace and unity in challenging times.

Art Group – This group is for creative people to produce motivational art works in order to encourage human evolution, trigger transformation, and touch people’s souls through books, images, movies, music, songs, poetry, etc…

Influence Group – to influence politics, social organisations, business, religions, governments through knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Building a platform for various groups with different or conflicting interests on which they can come together and find a common ground. To help all such hostile groups to find peace and show respect to others. To bring bright people into positions of power and help them to execute justice.

Communities Group – This is a main group to promote community leaders and provide platform for them to collaborate and learn. Main purpose is to build local communities and cultural centres around personal development, art, sports and looking after younger generation.

Spiritual Group – for people who work with the unseen: spiritual, psychic, psychological and esoteric aspects. This includes healing, mentoring, gathering and sharing wisdom. Furthermore, it also includes the most difficult part – dealing with evil such as transforming dark consciousness, revoking dark contracts, executing justice, helping individuals to withdraw from parasitic paradigms, relationships and evil social structures. Influencing collective and individual consciousness through various types of energetic work.

Rating Agency – to perform assessments of businesses, governmental departments and non-profit organisations. In addition,  to conduct evaluation of spiritual teachings, religious practices, books, media products and art works. 

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