First Alliance Manifesto
This is a manifesto of a bright future image that we want to come. Any person or organisation is welcome to sign and share.


Nations and Races Every nation chooses its ethnic composition. Every nation and race has a place to live and flourish. All nations belong to the Union of Nations. All nations respect each other, co-exist peacefully and cooperate. 

Religions Every religion agrees on its teachings internally. Different belief systems are brought to the same terms so as to respect, understand each other and co-exist peacefully. 

Economic and Social People have the opportunity to make the best use of their talents and do what they love. People cooperate for a better good. Most resources are in abundance. Businesses are based on social value.

Technology, Science, Healthcare, Education Technology is used in harmony with the environment. Balance is restored towards natural communication, science is a tool for progress. Education is available for all and based on people’s talents.

Art, Culture Great beautiful art and culture is restored. Dancing, singing, drawing becomes part of everyone’s life. Art becomes the one that takes the best of people and encourages evolution.

Collective Consciousness, Mythology, Fairy Tales Collective consciousness is made of cooperation patterns, positive relationships between human and nature. The real history should come out and be made public. New stories are written to override the drama and pain of the old myths. Mythical creatures like dragons and serpents come to peace and union with humans. Pure evil creatures are cast into the evil worlds. New Fairy Tales are written to support peace between us and with the world around us. Archetypes are fixed to represent true love and win-win relationships. 

Elected and appointed powers – Elected powers are trusted by the people who elected them through a fair multi-level electoral system. Elected powers then nominate appointed powers who are balanced by elected powers with their decisions.

Communities, Friendship Friendly relationships and high levels of trust should be between all community members. Institute of elders is re-established to look after the society. Everyone feels connected to society.

Family – Strong families, extended families, and kins/clans. Strong connection between generations. Parent-Child, Husband-Wife, brothers and sisters relationships are in harmony.

Individual health and well-being– People’s thoughts and emotions are at peace. Body is healthy. People develop themselves spiritually. People do what they love.

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v 17 May 2023