First Alliance has a vision to bring the many aspects of being into alliance.

The problem

The evil hierarchy throughout the globe uses culture and mainstream media to project lies, bad images, fear, and worry onto people of all nations. This causes people to accept negative projections about their future; and they don’t see the depth of evil behind this façade. Evil forces are working to bring these negative images of the future into our life.


The world needs to see the truth and a shared vision of a positive future where many people can find agreement through thought and aspiration. First Alliance is wanting to help people dream of a bright future, and act appropriately to bring it, by providing various tools. While the exact path of this new bright world is not yet fully known, the first step is to have an image for the collective consciousness to follow. As a result, individuals will combine their positive thoughts, emotions, and actions together more and more every day. As people come into alliance with themselves, the positive images of the world will become more powerful than negative ones. It is difficult in the beginning as individuals have too many issues, but the trick is to take power away from these negative images and charge all the troublesome situations with the positivity of how you want that to be instead of losing to the belief that bad things will never change.

Many people know numerous current issues with this world. So the solution is to declare an intention using your powers of creation and this is available for all people once they understand it and believe in it. The concept is known as “Law of Attraction” and some details are given in “The Secret” movie and various other sources. What it says is that many people allow the world they see (that is quite troublesome) to define their future. The secret is to change that to allow your wish of the future to define the future.

Bright Future Image

All the world we know with its abuse, fears, troubles, degradation and general parasitic relationships should change for the opposite: love, friendship, care and evolution that is based on symbiotic relationships. On this platform we want to send general guidelines of what this new image may look like and give ideas of tools that people can use to achieve it. More importantly, they can craft the tools themselves to bring in this new world! 

It is also important that more people believe in the same thing so there is a unity of wishes that would give more speed and precision for the world to change. This image is not set in stone and is alive.


Please find the description of the image with the below symbols

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and a description of the bright future as we see it.

Races and Nations

Human races and nations are in conflict at the moment.
Nations can’t choose what ethnicities should make up the nation, forced race mixing, forced ethnic mixing, forced immigration. Ethnic dissolution of indigenous societies.
Blending people from traditional societies into a globalist type society is destroying traditional cultures.
People are forced to leave their native countries due to war or tough economic conditions.

People should be able to choose the communities they live in based on nationality and religion. This is a basic human right that is attacked in globalist societies.
Some civic nations can stay as they are if it is their wish, some can split into ethnic nations.


Ethnicities spread across different countries should unite at their original home. Ethnicities who were forced or incentivised to come and live in another country, influencing the indigenous population should have respect for the local ethnicity. And if native ethnicities want to maintain a traditional society without foreigners then immigrants should be ready to leave. It may sound like a difficult question in the current circumstances but once all the evil is gone from the governments it will be easy to agree. It should become obvious that with the abundance of resources there is no need to attach to the place in a foreign land. Most nations have a historical home (that was a dominant place for this nation 100 years ago) where they happily lived until globalists destroyed it or degraded economy so people had to travel to live in another country. But now they should be given an option to return.
Another idea should become obvious that it is very hard to keep your culture and traditions while being mixed with other nations, as people would have to adapt and restrict themselves from expressions to keep other people comfortable. So the default choice would be to rejoin your own nation at the historical place over time, so the move is as comfortable as possible.

Every nation chooses its ethnic composition. Human races are in alliance. Human nations in alliance. Every ethnic and religious group has a place to live and flourish. All the people who want to live in a multicultural setup have their space as well. Cooperation among different nations flourishes.



People within the same religion attack each other because of the different religious schools viewpoints and based on different religious texts interpretations. Sometimes, due to the difference in core beliefs, single teaching can be split into several branches.
Sometimes radicalisation happens in religious societies, subverting bright ideas into an evil tool of unreasonable hatred to convince people to start bloody wars and conflicts or witch hunts. Religion can be a tool for the troublesome government.
Some important questions are left unanswered in religious books. This triggers the need to produce interpretations by the prominent followers and chief priests to cover the topics important for people’s everyday life.
Some teachings and interpretations are confusing, some religious texts are corrupted. Some interpretations are deliberately produced to justify evil and anti-human behaviour.
Some religions and belief systems deny and discard any previous teachings the nation had on the same land. This causes tension between two groups of the same nation.
It happens that people following different religions do not accept each other or do not treat people of different religions with the same respect. Sometimes people do not take other ways to find God / Truth seriously, think their own way is the only true way.
Sometimes people are directed into being atheists and following only secular ethics and morals together with the human rights framework. These people sometimes find it hard to connect to people following a religion.

Religions were always a battlefield for human souls and even the purest teachings are not immune from being attacked and subverted by the evil forces. Even official religious statements were subject to changes during centuries, so it is first important to find all the truth within each teaching. And the second thing to do is to find common language with people following different belief systems, and agree on good things that people believe.
All spiritual teachings and organisations should clean themselves from evil as all of them are exposed to it nowadays.

Every religion agrees on its teachings internally. Different belief systems are brought to the same terms so as to respect, understand each other and co-exist peacefully. Formal atheists and religious people have a secular framework to understand each other.


Economic and Social

Unhealthy social, economic life. People do something they don’t like to earn money. People compete for limited resources. Business are based on profit/greed

People have the opportunity to make the best use of their talents and do what they love. People cooperate for a common good. Most resources are in abundance. Businesses are based on social value


Technology, Science, Healthcare, Education

Technology and science work for further enslavement towards androids future e.g. communication over devices, screens, science is locked. Education is indoctrination into false concepts. Free energy works are a prohibited subject. Official healthcare system usually fights symptoms not the root cause of the disease.

Balance is restored towards natural communication. Technology is used in harmony with the environment. Health is addressed at core. Science is a tool for progress. Education is available for all and based on people’s talents.



Art, Culture

Rotten culture and degenerative art distracts people from human values and goodness into selfishness, addiction, guilty pleasures and ignorance. Culture turns into watching performances instead of taking part in them like dancing, singing.
Beautiful native languages get corrupted and replaced over time, superficial languages are produced to break access to the traditional culture. 

Original languages should be restored.

Great beautiful art and culture is restored. Dancing, singing, drawing becomes part of everyone’s life. Art becomes the one that takes the best of people and encourages evolution.


Collective Consciousness, Mythology, Fairy Tales

Collective consciousness is wired for self harm. A selfish and short-sighted approach is used to treat nature and the world around us. The real history and the truth is withheld. Mythology, Archetypes and Fairy Tales contribute to unhealthy lifestyles and relationships. Dragons prey on humans. Serpents work against humans. Not enough happy families and communities are shown as role models. The heroes are either flawed or unreachable (like the Hollywood superman).
Many games and competitions propagate community division, selfishness. For example when only one (three) person wins and all others lose. Or one team wins and another loses, propagating win-lose perception.
Images of
monsters are all around in the children’s world, cartoons, mobile games, computer games. 

A huge transformation should take place. Deep roots of our culture, everythings that forms collective consciousness should be revisited. Many ideas about our life should be fixed and healed.

Evil behaviour is rooted out. Collective consciousness is made of cooperation patterns, positive relationships between human and nature. New stories are written to override the drama and pain of the old myths. Mythical creatures like dragons and serpents come to peace and union with humans. Pure evil creatures are cast into the evil worlds. New Fairy Tales are written to make peace between us and with the world around us. Archetypes are fixed to represent true love and win-win relationships. The real history should come out and be made public.


Elected and Appointed Powers

Politicians mostly are not trusted and have no connection to people. Original multi-level electoral system was destroyed. The Institute of Elders was destroyed.

People should get busy uniting and self-organising, electing local leaders. Local leaders should be looking after the communities and making nation-wide alliances with other communities to define country level politics through a chain of trusted representatives.

Elected powers are trusted by the people who elected them through a fair multi-level electoral system. Elected powers then nominate appointed powers who are balanced by elected powers with their decisions.


Communities, Friendship

Friendship and good relationships are rare, communities are not well connected.

Friendly relationships and high levels of trust should be between all community members. Institute of elders is re-established to look after the society. Everyone feels connected to society. 



Family and Kin are under attack. Sick and perverted options are proposed by evil to get rid of traditional families, none of them a feasible long term, the only purpose is to harm the core family unit.

Only traditional families are supported with mothers and fathers of the same traditional culture having kids to pass these traditions.

Strong families, extended families, and kins/clans. Strong connection between generations. Parent-Child, Husband-Wife, brothers and sisters relationships are in harmony. 


Individual health and well-being
People are in conflict with themselves, don’t do what they love

People’s thoughts and emotions are at peace. Body is healthy. People develop themselves spiritually. People do what they love


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