USSR – The Times of Confidence and Pride


      Ludmila had been living in the USSR from the 1950s till the year 1993 – the end of the USSR. She talks about the times of security and pride for the country and the people. She remembers a friendly and bright society that had developed during communist times in the USSR/Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (the successor today being the Russian Federation) through the tough times. She talks about hearty and welcoming people and a great state support of most of the aspects of human development. Ludmila lived the first 20 years of her life in a small city in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic (Ukraine nowadays) and is now living in the regional capital of the Russian Soviet Republic (Russian Federation nowadays).

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12 Complementary Health Remedies on a Shoestring Budget

by Mel Ve |

Having run the gauntlet of toxic medicines and vaccinations, and having suffered vaccine injury resulting in complete loss of hearing in my right ear, I am passionate about promoting the usage of complementary remedies.  I use and make many of these remedies for myself, and have distributed them amongst those who are savvy enough to heal themselves, rather than succumbing to the cut, burn and poison industry, which is exactly what mainstream medicine is.  Ask yourself this question: How does it benefit doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to have a healthy population?  The answer, if you are honest about it, is that it does not benefit them at all. Doctors and Big Pharma are in business with disease.  Their aim is not to heal you.  Their aim is to profit from you.

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Alternative Education And World Schooling


It has been programmed into the people, that getting a good education, is the way to get a good job. Nobody wants to end up hungry or homeless, and thus, we put complete faith in an education system as the way and route towards survival.  Although I agree that education is crucial, the so-called “education system” we currently have can hardly be called “education”, it is more like indoctrination.

The education system as it stands is trying to meet the future by doing what was done in the past, as it is modelLed on the image and interests of the Industrial Revolution, hence why it was the birth of the Industrial Era that facilitated the need for a public school system. Prior to this, education was the privilege of the clergy and elite.  An example of how schooling is rooted in the rise of the industrial era, is evident in how schools are organiSed similar to factory lines, complete with ringing bells, separate facilities, specialiSed into separate subjects.  Children are educated by batches, as we put them through the system by age group, much like a batch number and expiry date marks the age of a product.  Why is there this assumption that the most important thing kids have in common is how old they are?  It is like the most important thing about them is their date of manufacture.  If we are interested in creating a model of education that will create a better world, we should not be starting from the “production line” mentality.  Our current education is about creating conformity. Every single being is unique and endowed with infinite potential, so are we not deserving of something better?

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