Dear guest, Welcome!

My name is Alexander. Let me introduce First Alliance. It is a platform dedicated to uniting people and building together a better world and better future. In order to improve our lives, we first need to agree between us on what the new world looks like.

We stand for the union of nations, religions, and belief systems. We support human rights, traditional societies, strong communities, kinship, family values, as well as individual well being.

We are at early days and have about 10 members who have worked on this platform or its projects.

Please, visit Our Manifesto page to see if our image of a bright future matches yours.

Does it match? If yes – please check the quick introduction video about the profile of a person who is likely to be willing to join our team and our Core Values –



Then it is a good idea to read through the slides about the concept of the platform – Our Concept. You will find how we perceive the current moment and the path from today to our dream – the best version of ourselves and the best world for us. And you can watch a Full Presentation here –


If it all resonates with you – then we offer to join forces with like-minded individuals online and in the real world. Check our Work Groups and join us via Contact page.

Best wishes,

Interviews about Traditional Societies.


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