Dear guest, Welcome!

My name is Alexander. Let me introduce First Alliance. It is a platform dedicated to uniting people and building together a better world and better future. In order to improve our lives, we first need to agree between us on what the new world looks like.

We stand for the union of nations, religions, and belief systems. We support human rights, traditional societies, strong communities, kinship, family values, as well as individual well being.

Please, visit Our Manifesto page to see if our image of a bright future matches yours.

Does it match?

If not everything – we still can work together on a common ground with aspects we agree on.

If you share similar views – wonderful!
– The next step would be to visit  Our Vision page for more details on how we comprehend modern problems (or situations?) and how we define a solution.

Does it make sense? It does make sense to us too! We are inviting you to build a better future together!

The vision is clear – we want to shift from the current reality into the new positive one.
But what exactly can you do today?

First, Individually. We offer online social networks for each aspect of our wellbeing. Please Join Us and start sharing knowledge and practices, ask for help and provide support to others. You can improve yourself and the world around you and with the Individual Tools and knowledge we gather with little steps. It is an open network you can just learn from, or help and teach others – up to you. Real life networks exist in Bali only at the moment

You can also join our work groups. Please visit our Work Groups page and Join Us.

Second, as an existing group. If you already help people around, make this world a better place – great! Feel free to Partner with Us for knowledge exchange, growing your team or finding finance.

We hope you have found what you wanted here. Please leave any feedback you have here Contact .

To get a flavour of the media project we do you can check the articles below about the cultures of traditional societies.

Interviews about Traditional Societies .


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