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My name is Alexander. Let me introduce First Alliance. It is a platform dedicated to uniting bright people and restoring healthy society.
On the way we support each other, build our local communities, fix governments, confront evil forces, and also seek the truth, heal and develop ourselves spiritually.

We believe the modern world is tough. There are many people who struggle and there is a reason for it. While there are different schools of thoughts who debate whether we struggle as a natural universe cycle (Kali Yuga) or as a result of our misdeeds (karma and corruption) or as a result of another evil civilization attack on ours. Still there is a wide agreement that we must do something together to change it. There is a call for action of the bright minds to fix the current state of our civilization.

We see different aspects of the pressure we find ourselves under

    1. true knowledge is concealed, we are deceived.
      -> We dig for real history, true knowledge of who we are and how the universe we see around us works. We decipher the spiritual realm and mysteries of our reality in order to arm ourselves with the true knowledge of things to use for the best of our civilization. And we share all we learned.
    2. human spirit and consciousness are confused to play the game using social roles that don’t fit our dreams, don’t fulfil our souls. We are taught in this social context to be something else that doesn’t make us happy.
      -> We want to be much more in our lives therefore we are on the path of social deprogramming, detaching ourselves from the evil paradigm, confronting the evil forces. We work hard raising awareness, healing and developing ourselves spiritually.
    3. human relationships are under attack, it is not easy to have decent family, friends, relationships. Distance grows among people who find themselves isolated.
      -> We are on the path listening and understanding each other, learning to appreciate our differences, value different skills and experiences and work together to restore friendly communities and society. Collectively we want to establish friendly and respectful ways of living, treating each other well and working together.
    4. more words need to be said of the cultural context we find ourselves in – mass media, songs, paintings, movies, music and fairy tales we have today… They are mostly aimed at further degradation of the spirit under the disguise of fake human rights and giving up your identity etc…
      -> We can see through it. We believe in true human values where empowered spirits can manifest and express themselves respectfully. We want to write our new songs, produce great music, draw new pictures, make new movies, write brilliant fairy tales to stop degradation and encourage evolution. We want to find and show ways of transformation and work towards the image of a happy and friendly world we can build around us.
    5. wars and conflicts under “divide and conquer” tactics leave casualties, break families, destroy communities, split societies, seed division and cause isolation. Ordinary people become unhappy.
      -> We seek to gather power and break free from our prison, transforming consciousness of the confused evil agents, executing justice and casting evil creatures away from here. We seek unity of the people, communities, nations, belief systems respecting each other and building trustworthy relationships.

Join us in our movement to make our world to be a land of our dreams.

To learn more – please, visit Our Manifesto .

Also, please read through the slides about the concept of the platform – Our Concept. You will find how we perceive the current moment and the path from today to our dream – the best version of ourselves and the best world for us. And you can watch a Full Presentation here –

If it all resonates with you – then we offer to join forces with like-minded individuals online and in the real world. Check our Work Groups and join us via Contact page.

We are at early days and have about 10 members who have worked on this platform or its projects.


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