Harry Potter Movie review


Even Harry Potter is considered a good movie of our times. According to First Alliance it has only a small number of ingredient of the future image we hold.


This movie

* Shows kids are left alone to solve adult problems of life and death situations.
* Has satanic rituals embedded in it which doesn’t make it appropriate even for adults.
* Has too dark background and grim plot, which again turns perception of the viewer into sadness
* Has too much relationships between kids and temporary people (teachers, strangers -not family) in stressful circumstances
* Lacks parents involvement in education, it is not good for mental health for kids to stay without parents

This movie needs to improve to show more of

* good family image (as parents of the main hero are dead as typical for Hollywood)
* good extended family image (very few family links are shown)
* Healthy masculine feminine differentiation, healthy image of husband-wife relationship
* Healthy relationship between parents and children


On a positive note this movie has

* Good highlight of friendship among kids
* Individual traits focus such as bravery, intelligence
* Shows ethnically homogeneous traditional society in England