English patriotism with Paul Rimmer

Paul Rimmer’s Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@paulrimmer8995

ALEX: My name is Alexander, and I want to welcome Paul Rimmer on my channel: First Alliance Media Project, where we promote patriotism, ethnic nationalism, traditional family values, and connection amongst communities and people.  Welcome to the channel Paul, please tell us a bit about yourself.

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Marriage in Indian Culture

A quick summary on youtube:

KRISHNA: A main event in the community is a marriage. In India, a wedding is based on the families.  It is basically a wedding between two families, not two people, so that families have to understand each other. They should be the same caste, so that they understand what is expected, what other people expecting… There are a lot of things, financially, mentally.  It is not just religion.  In India, we have religion, we have caste birth, we have sub-castes.  There are so many sections of people, completely different sections.  So if people are from one system, they look after the boys and girls in the same system.  So for example, I am a Hindu, so if  I look for a girl who fits into the same boundaries, so that it is easy. The families can mingle and the boys and girls can understand each other easily.  Another big thing is, after marriage, if they have any sort of issues between the new couple, the families will jump in and try to sort out.

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USSR – The Times of Confidence and Pride


      Ludmila had been living in the USSR from the 1950s till the year 1993 – the end of the USSR. She talks about the times of security and pride for the country and the people. She remembers a friendly and bright society that had developed during communist times in the USSR/Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (the successor today being the Russian Federation) through the tough times. She talks about hearty and welcoming people and a great state support of most of the aspects of human development. Ludmila lived the first 20 years of her life in a small city in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic (Ukraine nowadays) and is now living in the regional capital of the Russian Soviet Republic (Russian Federation nowadays).

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South Africa – the Testing Ground of the Western Countries


This is an interview with Author and Journalist, Melani Ve, who was born in South Africa, and lived there for 23 years before fleeing as an economic refugee.  Melani is descended from the Boers, which is the Dutch word for ‘farmer’.  The Boers were in turn mainly comprised of Calvinist Protestant Huguenots who fled Europe in the seventeenth century to escape Roman Catholic prosecution after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

South Africa is a multicultural country with the present distribution of racial groups being 4% White, 11% Indian and 85% Black.

The following conversation deals with the days of Apartheid, when South Africa was at it’s economic peak, due to the ingenious policy of separate development, which saw the preservation of cultures due to the allocation of Bantustans.  The Bantustan system saw the allocation of large tracts of tribal land to the native Africans, which were governed and run by various tribal heads, complete with their own systems of law, education and infrastructure.  At this time, the various nationhood states within Southern Africa lived according to their traditions, whilst preserving their own specific cultural heritage.

Melani Ve goes on to discuss various issues regarding race and the cultural collision that happened due to people such as Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress, who have severely damaged the country, which recently has been awarded Junk Status, by the World Bank.

Melani broaches the very controversial subject of single nation states as this environment has been proven to work better for the economy than the forced race mixing that went on under the guise of being “Anti-Apartheid”.  It becomes clear through this illustration that the wish to preserve one’s cultural heritage, has nothing to do with being racist, and is economically far more effective than the supposed false liberation achieved by Nelson Mandela.

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