Marriage in Indian Culture

A quick summary on youtube:

KRISHNA: A main event in the community is a marriage. In India, a wedding is based on the families.  It is basically a wedding between two families, not two people, so that families have to understand each other. They should be the same caste, so that they understand what is expected, what other people expecting… There are a lot of things, financially, mentally.  It is not just religion.  In India, we have religion, we have caste birth, we have sub-castes.  There are so many sections of people, completely different sections.  So if people are from one system, they look after the boys and girls in the same system.  So for example, I am a Hindu, so if  I look for a girl who fits into the same boundaries, so that it is easy. The families can mingle and the boys and girls can understand each other easily.  Another big thing is, after marriage, if they have any sort of issues between the new couple, the families will jump in and try to sort out.

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