White Race. Defining a context

White Ethnicities That Belong to the White Race

The White race is my love. The white people are my people. I do care about them even though most of them are not aware of my existence. This is called ethnic or national or racial consciousness.

Let’s try to define some details of what the White race is in modern times. Many people refuse to identify or talk about race, but nevertheless they continue to identify themselves with their DNA family.

There are many ethnic groups such as Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic/Scandinavian and others that constitute the White race. The White race consists approximately of different predominantly white nations inhabiting these countries as a major ethnic group: America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Romania, Greece, Italy, Holland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Moldova, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and others that have a minor or major proportion of white DNA, like the white Hispanics.

There could be several white subraces with distinct features but they have much in common with the root white race. One can divide the White race into Western and Eastern subraces. It is controversial, but there is still a clear line that divides these Eastern and Western mentalities nowadays, which shouldn’t stop both parties from identifying with each other through racial consciousness.

A very interesting part of the White race are the Jewish people; there is an Ashkenazi white part of the Jewish population. Some of the Ashkenazi possibly identify themselves with the White race, while others don’t. And there are so many half-blood children of White Non-Jewish and Ashkenazi Jewish parents who are left with a choice as to which race to identify with. I do not exclude mixed heritage Ashkenazi and White descendants from the White race family.

My view is that it is difficult to find a pure nation or pure race nowadays. A lot of intermixing has happened within the White race and across other races and nations. Countries’ borders have been changed, and history has been rewritten many times. Ethnic groups have migrated from one place to another and have been conquered and freed multitudes of times over the centuries. After all of this, it is not an easy task to describe the white race culture, but it is a very important task! We probably need to go back thousands of years, not just hundreds.

Every person who possesses White race DNA, or at least part of it, and feels that it defines his/her identity while also wanting to belong to the White race civilization, can take part in this interesting journey of re-uniting all the white ethnicities.

My research has resulted in this opinion (evidence of this fact goes beyond this article). 

  • There used to be several great White Civilisations thousands of years ago in the flourishing state which is hard to imagine now.
  • The White race has survived an enormous attack of Globalist forces which has been going on for centuries and, at the moment, most of the governments are still under major control of the Globalists.

The good thing is that we are still alive despite all the pressure.

Overcoming Challenges and Uniting the White Race

In order to talk about the White Race culture, heritage, and values, I want to outline major challenges which we need to overcome.

Overcoming Religious Barriers

Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox and other Christian denominations, together with atheist groups, are obstacles to overcome in order to connect with your people having different belief system or religion branch. This dogmatic religious setting is quite deeply instilled in the basic orientation of the followers and one must be quite brave to overcome this. Some people dig even deeper into the ancient traditions of Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic and Celtic pantheons of gods, and related mythology, reviving images of Odin, Thor, Brigit  from Tuatha Dé Danann, Druids, and Svarog and celebrating winter and summer solstice, reverting the Christian religion’s transformation into the authentic traditional belief system.

Decoding Divisive Propaganda, Dispelling the Image of Thy Neighbour as the Enemy

One should work hard to overcome divisive propaganda. Let’s take the Cold War between America and Russia. Fair and just people should take the courage to decode this into the fact that good, decent white people and families have no intention of harming other white people and families. A similar story on a smaller scale is happening within Western countries, in the case of when people are divided by a political party which they support.

Handling Language Barriers

Over time, one (or a few) ancient languages have been split into many languages and dialects or even replaced with superficial languages. This is part of a “divide and conquer” tactic in which a new language is introduced and a population of the country grows and learns only this language; as a result, the whole cultural heritage is lost (books, poems, songs) as a new language comes with no history. Some bright people are already working hard to bring similar languages back to the common linguistic origin to simplify communication and restore cultural origin.

Healing the Pain of the Past Wars and Conflicts

 During World War II, the fight between English, American, German and Russian people should never have happened because these major players had a major white population. White people should have realised that something was wrong with their government when they attacked another country with a white population (their brothers and sisters). The people of these countries should seek to become friends and heal the past wounds together, understanding that ordinary decent people never want to hurt other decent people from the other side of the border.

Bringing Together Pieces of the Severely Damaged White Civilization Belief System, History, Culture, Architecture, Art, Music in Order to Re-Establish A Great White Race Culture

Many honourable white people work hard to shine the light on the covered-in-the-sand culture of Ancient White Civilisation. Dedicated historians are digging for the real history of the White race; its greatness and challenges which go back hundreds and even thousands of years. Talented poets and writers are able to draw on the best traditions and human values of strong families, communities, patriotism, and the best human virtues such as dignity, love, and honour, bringing them into the light of the modern day.

Uniting Superficially Divided Countries by National and Racial Factors

Current country borders do not serve white nations, who are divided and have restrictions on their efforts to unite. We should overcome this and allow national states to welcome their white descendants back in, wherever they may be at the moment. Furthermore, we should allow different white nations to form a pan-white civilisation and pursue its own interests.

Ideologically Build A Strong Foundation for Racial and National Consciousness and Values Instead of Narrow Concepts of Individual Consciousness

We should rebuild the value of close and extended family, previously lost feelings of a kindred and a clan. We should recreate the concept of an Elders Council, to support and advise to establish strong mutual support community structures, such as military and justice systems whilst rebuilding patriotism and national and racial consciousness.

Coping with Constant Physical and Mental Pressure from Globalist Forces

We must clearly identify the enemy and take back control. Invasive, evil,  parasitic hierarchy of globalists power should be replaced and transformed appropriately to serve the White race people.

Detaching Ourselves from Globalist Culture

Many people have been living in Western Countries for generations and most of them have no memories of something different. Whilst we have an image that they are advanced and civilised, they are also full of flaws:

  • all forms of modern slavery
  • monetary system and money cult, debt system
  • sources of income problem — so that important jobs don’t exist or don’t pay well enough to have enough money for family
  • instilling fear in people’s consciousness
  • consumerism
  • superfluous focus on entertainment
  • easy access and promotion of addictive products, services
  • focus on individual success instead of cooperation 
  • oligarchy, unknown shareholders as beneficiaries of corporations pumping wealth out of society. A system where evil individuals can accumulate excess wealth
  • poverty of many
  • democracy which always leaves the minority dissatisfied
  • parasitic system in which resources are not spread fairly across the country
  • high density of city population; city lifestyles replacing countryside communities that are particularly inconvenient for raising kids; lack of living space, small flats, terraced houses, few have gardens
  • no birthright to a decent part of national wealth
  • no guaranteed rights to reap profits from the results of labour (enterprise/company annual profit)
  • frequent wars
  • restricted and limited situations of achieving desired education and work in the interested field
  • production cycles which are destructive to Nature
  • lack of moral compass and standards of behaviour
  • culture of competition instead of cooperation, sick individualism against healthy balance of individualism and collectivism/community spirit

Let’s add the last 3 generations (20x3=60 years) push on these negative factors

  • a view that 0–2 kids in a family is enough
  • weak connection between generations
  • songs which focus on teenage and pre-marriage topics
  • a great amount of inappropriate/adult video content
  • parent and relatives are not involved in education of their children
  • child abuse and “confusion” through propaganda of non-traditional behaviour 
  • multiculturalism, mass immigration 
  • dominance of processed and modified food
  • pharmaceutical poisoning by corporate giants profiting from suffering

Decent people have to find an honourable lifestyle in this toxic environment. Honest people work hard not to identify with this negative environment, to see good traits of others and treat people fairly.

The Current Moment

After centuries of influence of the above factors, it takes courage for a white person to relate to another white person from anywhere around the world as in the case of Russians and Americans during the Cold War. One usually hits one or all of the above obstacles. It is quite a monumental task to overcome them. Nowadays, even relating to another white person in your own country is quite a difficult step. The ratio of mutual help and cooperation is quite low, as white people live mostly isolated from others, only thinking for themselves or their close family. 

But there is a growing number of individuals who are learning to overcome the pressing factors and work towards restoration and flourishment of the White race. Brave people — the bright sons and daughters of our ancestors.

White people are suffering from the shrinking of vital space in the USA. There are government and corporate policies in place to reduce the number of available jobs and places at universities for white people. There is discrimination taking place in their home country. It works in a softer way in Germany, France and England. Under the disguise of inclusion and diversity, the white population is being moved away from media advertising campaigns. Multicultural images dominate most of the ads. HR departments of big corporations work hard to ensure white males are the last category of candidates to be considered for a new job. This campaign is covered up by fake scientific research suggesting that diversity is good for business, but this theoretical statement is not measured at work, and, for many, it is obvious political campaigning which is taking place to replace the white population. It is even sometimes called “positive discrimination.”

 There are laws on British land that do not allow any form of discrimination when considering candidates for a role, but stopped working, and discrimination happens against white males. Even before when this legislation used to work, it worked against white males ignoring the human right to live in the ethnic community of your choice. Why is the forcefully mixed race nations community such a good idea? Why is an infinite influx of immigrants a good idea? Is there a space for authentic ethnic communities? If some people choose, they can live in a mixed multicultural community — no problem! But if some people want to live in a monocultural community, then it should also be fine — there is no harm to anyone with this choice. 

Mixed race marriages and couples are promoted throughout the media, but let’s say the result of this is that both original races and cultures will cease to exist. There should also be a platform provided for the voices of the people who want to live in the monocultural as opposed to the multicultural community. An obvious fact is that multicultural communities don’t work for all. So let us raise this matter! An obvious solution would be to have several monocultural communities in the same country with their rights protected by law. 

Children are taught to accept multiculturalism from school, but there is no focus on the fact that their ancestors actually created this country. They have worked hard for many generations to preserve their heritage, pass it to their descendants and keep the traditions living on. Anyone who dares talk about nations or races is called “racist,” to the point where most people are scared to talk about it at all. But is it not a very important part of our life?


Let us not fall into the trap of directing our anger onto other nations and races who are really in the same boat as us. To be clear about relationships with other nations — I believe there is no reason why we cannot live peacefully with other nations and races who have respect for their neighbours. All the people can be given rights to return to their homeland or form a community within the Western countries, and then have a friendly discussion about the future. Other nations and races have the same issue with the globalist forces and the fact that White race is under attack, this does not mean that others are not going to be attacked next. We should be very clear that our anger should not be directed to other nations who had to leave their homelands because of wars or difficult economic situations. We should make friends with them and work together to restore our traditional national societies.

The good thing is that the White race is still alive and we are going to come together to keep our DNA, cultural heritage and traditions, and come through the hard times into prosperity. There is huge potential within us and we must believe in it. The White race has survived a great deal and against all the odds until now. We must make strong alliances with all the nations and races that are suffering under globalists and work together.

In the current situation, a big bell rings for the White race to unite, overcome all the challenges and restore the great civilization. We must take responsibility for our brothers and sisters and learn how to work together.

White Civilisation Restoration

Let’s Imagine what a proper White civilisation should look like. Under these high-level terms below it could be fairly applicable to other races as well.

  • fair wealth and resources management, without money. This is comparable to the case of parents not asking their children to earn money and pay parent in order to look after them
  • love as basis of behaviour
  • a focus on spiritual values and human potential development
  • a focus on cooperation and common goals
  • fair national wealth distribution
  • unanimity as a base principle for decisions, where group conversations happen to a point of mutual agreement
  • work-life balance that allows people to see their kids and spend only necessary time to do work. This should be quite easy to do with the modern level of technologies
  • a move to natural environments in the countryside with enough space for children to run around
  • a birthright to a part of national wealth, free housing, education and application of individual talents
  • support for families with children 
  • great connection among generations with close and extended families, who plan their future together and look after each other
  • traditional family highlighted in culture and media such as art, music, literature, movies
  • authentic and folklore influences in arts
  • easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • ethical and nature-friendly science and technology
  • an educational system that involves parents
  • an option to choose to live only with people of your own specific cultural heritage

These points demonstrate potential ways to counteract the flaws of the Globalist culture of destruction. Just imagine how human potential can be developed in this environment in the areas of science, technology, arts, architecture, and a symbiotic relationship with nature.