This is becoming a trend that many businesses are already exploring – to present customers  not only with services but also with a business identity that promotes moral, ethical and spiritual values.

We offer businesses three packages for all businesses

  1. Positive Future Declaration of Intentions
  2. Positive Future Rating Assessment
  3. Positive Future Consultation

Also we provide consultations and recommendations on the ethical, moral and spiritual aspects of the following products for the specific businesses and organisations (in media, IT, cultural, educational, publishing industries)

  1. video (movies, cartoons, songs, clips, ads)
  2. graphic (paintings, pictures, images)
  3. text (books, articles, magazines, newspapers)
  4. interactive educational applications for children, teenagers and adults
  5. board games
  6. as well as for real time performances and shows

First Alliance team members have come together after pioneering their own individual spiritual paths. Through joint collaboration they will combine their insights in order to  formulate  a scope of how your best business future can look like. You can read our Vision below

It all starts with a positive future image that we believe is desired by many people. Although at the current moment the image may not be reality; the first step to manifest it would be to declare intention.

Positive Future Declaration of Intentions

Your business can leverage the framework we created to join the collective image of the bright future by using our images in technical form (for your website and electronic communication) and physically in your business space and facilities.

You can include the wording below on your website or print out and put on a wall in your office / business space.

“<Your business name> proudly declares its intention to work everyday towards this positive image of the future.”

Aspect Future
Nations and Races Every nation and race has a place to live and flourish. All nations belong to the Union of Nations where they find their unique place. All nations co-exist peacefully
Religions Universal platform is introduced so that different belief systems can be brought to the same terms so as to accept and understand each other. Different religions will co-exist peacefully.
Economic and Social People have the opportunity to make the best use of their talents and do what they love. People cooperate for a better good. Most resources are in abundance. Businesses are based on social value
Technology, Science Technology is used in harmony with the environment. Balance is restored towards natural communication, science is a tool for progress.
Art, Culture,

Collective Consciousness

Great beautiful art and culture is restored. Dancing, singing, drawing becomes part of everyone’s life. Art becomes the one that takes the best of people and encourages evolution. Mythical sentient beings like dragons and serpents come to peace and union with humans. New Fairy Tales are written to support this bond and to make peace with the world around us. Archetypes are fixed to represent true love and win-win relationships. Culture is recreated into a great healthy environment
Elected and appointed powers All politicians are trusted by the people who elected them, a fair multi-level electoral system.
Communities, Friendship Friendly relationship and high levels of trust should be between all community members
Family Strong families, extended families, and kins/clans. Strong connection between generations. Parent-Child, Husband-Wife  relationships are in harmony
Individuals People’s thoughts and emotions are at peace. Body is healthy. People develop themselves spiritually, their soul is satisfied. People do what they love


Also you can customise or emphasise your custom preferences to extend the image we have (subject to discussion).

You can buy a monthly subscription to join our network and display your interest in a bright future, ethical vision and a responsibility to the world of which we are a part of to your customers. Via buying subscription you will also join our newsletter and fund the platform development throughout the globe.

Positive Future Rating Assessment

Our First Alliance Foundation has developed a Positive Future Spiritual Rating for Businesses and Organisations that encompasses various industries. Your business can request assessment from our experts to know where your business stands with ethical, moral and spiritual values and also request advice on what areas you can improve.

The price of the assessment depends on its depth (public sources, declarative, management interview, employees interview) and can vary.

Positive Future Consultation

After receiving a Positive Future Rating Assessment you can request further consultation on how to improve your practices according to First Alliance standards of ethics and spirituality.

 We look forward to making this world a better place through your collaboration.

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